curs implantologie orala 3

– Master in Oral Implantology
– PhD in Implanto-Prosthetic Therapy discipline
– International speaker for ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists) – a member of the Romanian teamStraumann, Alpha Bio, Adin, 3P ImplaFavourite, Paltop, Ritter Implants, Kavo Kerr, SSER, OTDR, CMDR, 3Shape, 3M, GC Europe, Zubler, Doctors Eyes
– International Kavo trainer for Arcus Digma and Protar Evo
– Speaker for Vesta Academy for Implantology Courses on Fresh Human Cadavers
– Specialist in the craniomandibular system: TMJ functionality (temporomandibular joints), training with prof. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek and Prof. dr. Ulrich Wegmann
– Periodontologist: with training in the use of Geistlich biomaterials in Switzerland, at Geistlich Pharm, involved in research and development processes of Perioflush (liquid for the irrigation of periodontal pockets) in collaboration with Dental Life Science
– Specialization in modified tunneling technique in close collaboration with prof Prof. Anton Sculean, Bern, Switzerland
– Author of several concepts and protocols: Functional Tooth Redesign, Condilographiated Veneers, Horizontal Preparation Protocol, Digital Functional Implantology
– Certification on Dr. Andi DRAGUS Lab. Bizzar/City Arts Are using Geistlich biomaterials, the world market leader in Switzerland regenerative dental solutions, produced in Switzerland
– VieSID Curriculum 2011 – ZAFI course no. 51-VC 11-1 – Gnatology and Occlusion in Interdisciplinary Dentistry – Viena
– Master Course in GBR and Sinus Grafing Procedures, Esthetic Implant Dentistry, Regenerative and Esthetic Periodontal Therapy – Elvetia
– VieSID Continuum Interdisciplinary Dentistry – Therapy and Treatment Concepts Vienna – Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek, Module C, B (2013), Module F (2013), Module B (2015) – Viena
– Advanced Implantology & Hands-on Course on fresh human cadavers Istanbul, Turkey Dr. Mustafa Bekerecioglu Dr. Bulent Manav – Turkey